Pumpkin and Halloween treat drive-thru

October 30, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Pick up your free pumpkin and bag of treats at the Sarsfield Community Centre.
Participants are asked to stay in your cars. Volunteers will place a pumpkin and candy in your trunk/vehicle.

CJRO coming to Sarsfield soon

The antenna will be installed at the Dessaint Farm in the next few weeks. A big thanks to Nicolas and Nadine for agreeing to be part of this project. 

The station is bilingual and community focussed, with regional news content and music shows hosted by residents. See the published schedule for more information. 

CJRO is also available online. You can stream it on TuneIn, AppleMusic and by visiting the CJRO site.

Annual General Assembly (virtual)

This year, you can participate from the comfort of your couch! 🛋 📱

Send us an email at  info@sarsfield.com to register. We will be sending links and instructions on how to join to those that reached out.