January Announcements


A big thank you to Robert Dessaint, André Dessaint, Daniel Dugas and Paul Bourbonnais for the trailers and tractors used during the food drive. Thanks to Pauline Gravelle for bringing the donations to the Resource Center.

We thank also like to thank Claudette Morris for the beautiful decorations and food spread at our annual Volunteer Night.

TV series filmed in Sarsfield: Mehdi et Val

The french lanugage youth series started on January 6th at 8am, and is called Mehdi et Val. A series of 33 episodes targeting children 6 to 9 years old, follows two young protagonists - Mehdi and Valerie - to the Middle Ages, thanks to magic swords allowing them to make jumps in time. The series showcases the fields and forests of Sarsfield.

For more details and to watch the programs online, visit  Radio-Canada 

Organized trip : April 14

Come and see the country western dance show at the JC Perreault Complex in St-Roch-de-l'Achigan. Lovers of country music will be dazzled by this show bringing together more than fifteen artists on stage in a mega show of dance and songs!

For more details or to reserve your seat, contact Guy St-Denis at 613-835-2437 or visit the Groupe Voyages Quebec site.

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