Update on Media Coverage of Home Hardware Closure

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Thank you to all those who participated in the interviews for taking time away from their chores to communicate the impact of the closure.

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Sarsfield Home Hardware closes its doors

As most of you know by now, the Sarsfield Home Hardware has announced its closure .

Many of us depended on the Home Hardware for supplies. It also housed our Canada Post post office and was the local distributor for Purina.

This is a closure that affects many in our community. Our village has seen many of our institutions dissapear in the last ten years: the St-Hugues school, the caisse populaire and the hotel. It is important more than ever to meet as a group of citizens and to find ways to thrive in these changing times.

As information is published we will send links to you.

So far, what we know is as follows:

  • Canada Post will remain open until May 15th. What will happen after has not been made public.
  • Purina distributing will continue for a short while. If anybody has additional information regarding that service, please comment below.

Media coverage:

  • Le Droit covered the story.
  • CBC conducted radio and video interviews today April 9th. They interviewed a local farming family, employees of the Home Hardware and a member of the community association. Stay tuned.