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- Elementary french catholic (M-8): St-Guillaume - Elementary french catholic: La Découverte - Elementary french public: Des Sentiers - Secondary french catholic (7-12): Beatrice Desloges - Secondary french public: Gisele Lalonde English - Elementary english catholic: St Theresa - Secondary english Catholic: St Peter - Elementary english public: Heritage (Navan) - Secondary english public: Cairine Wilson

Canada Post

Navan Post Office
- The community mailbox is located in the parking lot of Midori (2950 Colonial road)

Elected Officials

- Municipal: Stephen Blais
- Provincial: Amanda Simard
- Federal: Francis Drouin

Emergency Contacts

- 9-1-1
Crime Stoppers
Ottawa Police

Our Neighbours

Carlsbad Springs
- Cumberland

Our local radio station


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  1. hi

    This is Robert Sawaya, the new owner of Midori SF.
    I really liked your website: especially the explanation of the name Sarsfield.
    Seems that Patrick Sarsfield was very brave and even more honourable.
    Please let me know how I can help with Sarsfield activities, teams (hockey, baseball, scouts) or anything else where our store can be useful.


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